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Who we are

Chinese Office

Our China office, based out of Kunshan, is one of OQEMA’s strongest assets. 

Historically China has been the global powerhouse when it comes to the production of chemical raw materials for the chemical market. With a team of 5 staff on the ground, we can negotiate the best value with our suppliers as well as conduct on-site meetings & factory tours on short notice & offer the flexibility required to cater for our ever more demanding needs of our European customer base. Our local team play a crucial role in organising the logistics of consolidating & shipping mixed containers, to service the rest of our global locations, increasing the efficiency of our value chain. This enables us to meet the lead-times of our customer base, and shorten the time from our partner’s production facilities, to our customers. Our professional staff have a strong chemical background & can provide up to date market intelligence that we can in turn provide and deliver to our customer base. 

We are committed to meeting customer requirements on a punctual basis from our compressive chemical stock holdings and enjoying long-term relationships with suppliers and customers alike.

Wenjun Wang General Manager T +86 (512) 57306999