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We ensure that every step in the chain runs smoothly from start to finish by endeavouring to go above and beyond to deliver the right product to you.

We are here for you.

e.g. producing specialised  chemical reagents and custom synthesis

Tailored Products
e.g. filling, repacking, blending, dilution and mixing

Technical Advice
e.g. for product related queries and certifications
ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015,

Tailored Logistics
e.g. domestic distribution and global distribution

Key Account Management
e.g. for tail end spend solutions, hub solutions, simplification and digitalisation

Global Sourcing
e.g. with a presence in India, China and USA to find what you’re looking for

Core Services


Our original manufacturing plant was built in 1993 and produces specialised chemical reagents. Our current products are:
Hydroxylamine Nitrate solutions, Hydrazine Mono Nitrate solutions, Gadolinium Nitrate solutions, Lithium Nitrate

Our unique technology and facility mean that OQEMA is the only global producer Hydroxylamine Nitrate and we are the only manufacturer in Europe producing Hydrazine Mono Nitrate and Gadolinium Nitrate. We can produce these products safely based on our own in-house technology. Our unique process plant technology allows to make high concentrations of Hydroxylamine Nitrate. The entire production unit is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved and forms part of our CoMAH (SEVESO) upper tier status.
We have the capacity to carry out customised syntheses on request. Products are produced in varying concentrations and packages to customers' specific requirements. We have a unique plant that allows us to produce many metal salts and Rare Earth metal salts (Nitrate, Chloride, sulphate, acetate) some examples would be:
Copper, Zirconium, Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum, Cerium, Neodymium, Samarium, Europium, Terbium

The plant has recently been refurbished and upgraded and a new reactor with PLC/SCADA controls was installed. The improvements will benefit operator safety, improve environmental controls, and improve our safety profile under the CoMAH scheme.

Bespoke Products

Filling and repacking
Filling and repacking, in accordance with our customers’ specific demands is achieved via our regional infrastructure. We are prepared to repack and fill many types of materials. We can handle both solids and liquids, precisely and carefully controlling the parameters as required by the customer and in accordance with current industry regulations.

Blending, dilution and mixing 
A growing portion of our value-added services is aimed at offering customers optimum performance with respect to their specific material needs. By blending materials according to customer specification, we can offer customers efficiency in terms of cost, asset and time using our regionally intermeshed internal and external infrastructure. The dilution of materials in a range of solvents is another available service. This again enables our customers to focus on the core activities of their businesses, while improving the efficiency of the overall supply-chain. We are equipped to dilute a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous products in a range of solvents and offer filling ensuring optimum safety.


We are totally committed to finding you the product you require. We have a global sourcing team, with a very strong supplier network at our disposal & wide reach to each corner of the market. We are intent on finding the best value proposition for our customers, through securing your supply chain with competitive supply options. With local on the ground staff in Europe, Asia & the US, we are able conduct professional due diligence required to service the vast array of markets our customer base operates in. 

We endeavour to deliver new products, out of our existing scope of products, to our customers & have the ability to source new materials and offer a full line distribution service. 

Key Account Management

We offer a group-wide service from a single source to internationally active large-scale companies. Take advantage of the benefits of a perfectly amalgamated group of companies in Europe, along with the attributes of a family-managed company that represents customer proximity, consistency of customer support and flexibility regarding adaptation to market requirements.

Tail End Spend Solutions
We are your ideal contact partner if you are also wondering which model your company should adopt in the future for controlling procurement and all associated processes with non-strategic materials. Complexity reduction, process optimisation and the use of TCO concepts are only some of the key terms in a range of individual solution options for your company. 
Hub Solutions
Procurement processes can in many cases be optimised in combination with stock and logistics analyses. Exemplary in this case are hub solutions, either regionally or pan-European, depending on your production supply needs. We would be glad to support you with our extensive experience and broad European network here as well.
We are also concerned with the simplification of the supply chain. We would be pleased to explain process simplifications with the aid of digitalisation and develop these together with you.

Supporting Services

Tailored Logistics

Domestic Distribution
OQEMA Ltd utilise the services of Palletline and the Hazchem Network, both of which have strategically placed regional hubs throughout the UK, giving us flexibility and reliability. We have been working with our local partner now for over 10 years and have built up a good, solid relationship. OQEMA Ltd hold stocks at our Warehouses in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire for immediate distribution throughout the UK on both a 24 and 48 hour service.

Global Distribution
OQEMA Ltd work with a small number of carefully selected logistics providers in order to cope with the ever increasing demands we are faced with when transporting chemicals throughout Europe and the Rest of the World and have options for international road freight, air freight and deep sea shipping. We aim to provide a reliable, competitive service using the most reliable service providers in the industry.

Technical Advice

We can offer a wide range of services and technical advice such as chemical testing, environmental consultancy, laboratory testing, health and safety advice, SDSs, UK REACH and EU REACH to ensure your business is compliant with their relevant areas of legislation.
We have the capabilities or repacking, reprocessing and manufacturing products.
Ask us today how we can help you.

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