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Our original manufacturing plant was built in 1993 and produces specialised chemical reagents. Our current products are:

  • Hydroxylamine Nitrate solutions
  • Hydrazine Mono Nitrate solutions
  • Gadolinium Nitrate solutions
  • Lithium Nitrate

Our unique technology and facility means that OQEMA is the only global producer Hydroxylamine Nitrate and we are the only manufacturer in Europe producing Hydrazine Mono Nitrate and Gadolinium Nitrate. We can produce these products safely based on our own in-house technology. Our unique process plant technology allows to make high concentrations of Hydroxylamine Nitrate. The entire production unit is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved and forms part of our CoMAH (SEVESO) upper tier status.

We have the capacity to carry out customised syntheses on request. Products are produced in varying concentrations and packages to customers' specific requirements. We have a unique plant that allows us to produce many metal salts and Rare Earth metal salts (Nitrate, Chloride, sulphate, acetate) some examples would be:

Copper                         Zirconium                         Scandium                        Yttrium                        Lanthanum                        
CeriumNeodymium      SamariumEuropiumTerbium


The plant has recently been refurbished and upgraded and a new reactor with PLC/SCADA controls was installed. The improvements will benefit operator safety, improve environmental controls, and improve our safety profile under the CoMAH scheme.


Since the early 80's, OQEMA has been handling Hydrazine Hydrate and supplying diluted material into a variety of industries. We are the largest consumer of Hydrazine Hydrate in the UK and the market leader in diluting the product.
Our main area of expertise is in the power sector. Significant volumes of Hydrazine Hydrate are consumed by power stations to remove dissolved oxygen from boiler water, preventing corrosion damage. As an antioxidant, it protects pipes from rust and increases the life expectancy of plant equipment.
Hydrazine Hydrate is also a key raw material in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, plastic additives, herbicides and fungicides, as a reducing agent for the recovery of precious metals and in catalyst preparation. It also has uses as a chain extender in water based urethane coatings.
OQEMA supplies Hydrazine Hydrate in many concentrations and can offer custom grades according to requirements. The highest strength available is HH100% (64 % Hydrazine) and from this material, we manufacture the following "off the shelf" grades:

Hydrazine Hydrate 64%                         Hydrazine Hydrate 60%                         Hydrazine Hydrate 55%                        Hydrazine Hydrate 35%                        
Hydrazine Hydrate 24%Hydrazine Hydrate 7.5%      Hydrazine Hydrate 5%Hydrazine Hydrate 3%


We developed Hydrazine Hydrate 7.5% as a direct response to the Seveso II Directive. This grade has a Hydrazine content of 4.8% to 4.9%, which is under the 5% threshold thus making it possible to stay out of COMAH classification.
Our service levels are such that we can accommodate customer’s needs in terms of delivery sizes and frequency. We offer "just in time" deliveries to help customers comply with COMAH regulations and quantities of less than 500 kilos at a time.
We are able to offer a wide variety of packaging for our material. 25 ltr polycans, 200 ltr drums, 500 ltr and 1000 ltr IBCs are all standard sizes for us. All our containers are fitted with a closed system (Micromatic valves) which reduces operator exposure to Hydrazine. OQEMA is always looking at new and innovative packaging and is happy to work closely with our customers in order to achieve total satisfaction.
We also offer Hydrazine solutions in our 30,000 litre bespoke road tanker. This is essential for users of dilute Hydrazine to cope efficiently with the increased volumes of liquid being handled.
Our new state of the art automated dilution facility is now in full operation and has greatly improved operator and environmental safety, in line with best practice under the Seveso Directive and HSE guidance.

This considerable investment from OQEMA will increase our capacity and further cement our position as a market leader in the dilution and service business.

OQEMA started to a water treatment processing facility in 2008 to produce an environmentally sustainable vegetable based coagulant / flocculant aid to the UK market and a Mercaptazine is an aqueous solution of Trimercapto-s-triazine trisodium salt.
FlocuLan has proven itself as a viable, sustainable and cost effective replacement for traditional inorganic coagulants, with specific efficacy in the food processing and oil industries. Our FlocuLan products form the basis of the OQEMA Aquatec offering.
FlocuLan liquid products are made in the UK at OQEMA Oxfordshire facility to provide flexibility in supply to customers. Whilst we have 2 standard FlocuLan concentrations of 25% & 30% we offer customized dilutions of anything between 10% & 32% for customers with specific applications or requirements.

Mercaptazine is a chelating compound and will form stable complex precipitates with monovalent and bivalent metal ions. The main application for Mercaptazine is in the removal of heavy metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, lead etc from wastewater. It can be used in conjunction with coagulants and flocculants, such as Floculan™. Typical industries in which Mercaptazine can be used include: electroplaters, automotive, printing and dying, aggregates, sludge and waste incineration, chemical and power stations.

Key Features

  • Low acute toxicity to land and marine creatures
  • Forms stable compounds with heavy metals
  • Easy to dose
  • Complimentary to traditional coagulation and flocculation
  • Non-hazardous making handling and transport straightforward


In line with our whole Oxfordshire facility, the FlocuLan production unit is ISO9001 & ISO14001 approved and we extend a consistent standard of quality & safety to the manufacture of FlocuLan and Mercaptazine as we do in the CoMAH top tier areas of our Oxfordshire plant.
QOEMA manufacturing & stock holding capabilities are such that we can offer a very responsive service with short lead times for delivery. In addition to short lead times & customized dilutions, Aquatec can supply FlocuLan, labeled & branded under specific customer trade names.
FlocuLan can be supplied in both Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) & in bulk tanker loads of circa 24 metric tonne.

Mark McVeigh

Technical Manager

T +44 1993 843081
Mark.McVeigh( at )oqema.co.uk