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Performance Chemicals & Water Treatment

OQEMA is a long established distributor in the Water Treatment sector. We have many years of experience, we are fast, committed and, most of all, we are flexible. Our extensive expertise is the basis for reliable cooperation.

Through investment and innovation, we strive to exceed the requirements of each individual customer, large or small, whilst achieving the very highest standards in quality, safety and environmental responsibility. With a supplier and customer base that is truly global and operations in Europe, America, the Far East and the Middle East, OQEMA is poised to provide you with the resources that you require to bring strength and growth to your business. From research and development, product refinement, manufacture and distribution, OQEMA remains a dependable partner with a vision for growth and sustainability. Powerful sourcing capabilities enable us to be key stockists for a comprehensive range fi ne and speciality chemicals. We are constantly exploring new avenues to discover unique and exciting products. Multiple stock locations throughout Europe, and beyond, allow us to respond to customer demands and provide a level of service that truly delivers.

We are proud of our long-term cooperation with many renowned suppliers. These partnerships guarantee high levels of reliability and best product quality. Our service: we act in a price-conscious way, adapting quality and quantity to customer needs and offering the ideal conditions for supply.

We also take our responsibility towards society and the environment highly seriously and ensure maximum safety within legislative regulations, aiming to exceed where we can. High levels of quality and safety together with our internal and field services, chemists and quality managers guarantee sustainable, reliable service when you need it.

Product groups

Aluminium Chlorohydrate  
N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine 15% Solution (DEHA 15)  
Dimethyl Amine (40/50/60%)  
LanFoam T10  
LanFoam T10W  
LanFoam FD10 (Suitable for indirect for food contact)  
LanFoam FD10K (Kosher grade, fully food compliant)  

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Performance Chemicals & Water Treatment Solutions

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