Water Treatment



FlocuLan™ – Environmentally friendly, biodegradable organic coagulants in varying grades
Mercaptazine™ – Heavy metal chelant. A me-too product for TMT 15.
Acids & Caustic – for pH control
Sulphuric Acid – Varying strengths
Hydrochloric Acid – Varying strengths
Ferric Chloride 40%
N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine 15% Solution (DEHA 15) – CAS:3710-84-7
Carbohydride – CAS: 497-18-7
Dimethyl Amine (40/50/60%) – CAS: 124-40-3
Silicone based Anti-foams
– LanFoam T10
– LanFoam FD10 (Suitable for indirect for food contact)
– LanFoam FD10K (Kosher grade, fully food compliant)

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