Hydrazine Solutions

Since the early 80’s, OQEMA has been handling Hydrazine Hydrate and supplying diluted material into a variety of industries. We are the largest consumer of Hydrazine Hydrate in the UK and the market leader in diluting the product.

Our main area of expertise is in the power sector. Significant volumes of Hydrazine Hydrate are consumed by power stations to remove dissolved oxygen from boiler water, preventing corrosion damage. As an antioxidant, it protects pipes from rust and increases the life expectancy of plant equipment.

Hydrazine Hydrate is also a key raw material in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, plastic additives, herbicides and fungicides, as a reducing agent for the recovery of precious metals and in catalyst preparation. It also has uses as a chain extender in water based urethane coatings.

OQEMA supplies Hydrazine Hydrate in many concentrations and can offer custom grades according to requirements. The highest strength available is HH100% (64% Hydrazine), we manufacture the following “off the shelf” grades: 5%, 7.5%, 24%, 35%, 55%, 64% and supply 80%

In 2005, we developed Hydrazine Hydrate 7.5% in a direct response to the Seveso II Directive. This grade has a Hydrazine content of 4.8% to 4.9%, which is under the 5% threshold thus making it is possible to stay out of COMAH classification.

Our service levels are such that we can accommodate customers’ needs in terms of delivery sizes and frequency. We offer “just in time” deliveries to help customers comply with COMAH regulations and quantities of less than 500 kilos at a time.