Robert Moss
Robert MossGroup Managing Director

Rob Moss joined OQEMA in 1988 and has been active in all aspects of the business. With 25 years+ service with the company, customers and suppliers can be assured that their demands can be handled with experience and care.

Stuart Alexander
Stuart AlexanderDirector

Stuart has been at OQEMA since 1995 and established the  Aromatic business division. He has been instrumental in OQEMA’s success as one of Europe’s leading diluters of Hydrazine Hydrate. He joined the Board of Directors in 2008. 


Cornelis Van Beuzekom
Cornelis Van BeuzekomDirector
The OQEMA office for European mainland is led by Cornelis van Beuzekom. He joined OQEMA in 2006 and has been active on the market for both Aromatics and Nutrition for numerous years. Strong knowledge, close listening to the customers demand and flexibility are some of the keys of success for expanding the business throughout Europe.